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EPA has developed the Benefits Spatial Platform for Aggregating Socioeconomics and H2O Quality (BenSPLASH), as one component in an integrated assessment model designed to quantify the economic benefits of changes in key water quality parameters. BenSPLASH may serve as a tool for the EPA to value the surface water quality benefits of regulatory actions under the Clean Water Act as pursuant to Executive Orders 12866, 13563, and 14094. It may also provide a tool for assessing Environmental Justice impacts from regulatory action. EPA has asked the SAB to review the underlying valuation approaches and endpoints, benefits transfer methodology and aggregation, and default assumptions in applications of BenSPLASH. A SAB peer review is critical to improving EPA’s ability to estimate surface water quality benefits and will allow EPA and other water-related stakeholders to make better informed decisions regarding water resources.

Ad Hoc Panel Being Formed
Shaunta Hill-Hammond

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Panel Formation

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