Science Advisory Board (SAB) Consultation on the Lead and Copper Rule Improvements (LCRI)


On December 16, 2021, EPA announced it would propose the Lead and Copper Rule Improvements (LCRI) rulemaking to address improvements to the Lead and Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR). As required by the Safe Drinking Water Act, EPA is conducting a consultation with the agency’s Science Advisory Board (SAB). This consultation is to inform the agency’s environmental justice (EJ) analyses for the LCRI. EPA is requesting the SAB’s input on tools, indicators, and measures for use in future analyses to determine EJ impacts of lead service line presence and replacement in drinking water systems.

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Federal Register Notices Announcing Public Meetings

TitleTypeCitationPublication Date
Public Meeting of the Chartered Science Advisory BoardPublic MeetingVol 87 Number 190 Pages 59789-5979010/03/2022

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Public Meetings and/or Teleconferences

Meeting DateTitle
11/03/2022 to 11/04/2022Public Meeting of the Chartered SAB

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